Naturopathic Doctor and Registered Herbalist

Dr. Marisa Williams is a State Board Licensed Naturopathic Doctor in California and a Registered Herbalist. She received a medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona as well as a Master’s of Science with a Botanical Medicine emphasis from the University of Arkansas. Her research grants emphasized the study of the medicinal plants and cancer-fighting plants of Arkansas and the Ozark Mountains. Botanical medicine is a strong interest of Dr. Williams’s and she is considered an expert in the field. Her patients are sure to see Botanical benefits incorporated into their treatment plans.

Dr. Williams went on to play a pivotal and integral part in helping Dr. Sarah open Thyme Integrative Health. They both collaborated and envisioned an Integrative Clinic that will serve the Coastside and Bay Area community by bringing together a group of talented healers. Dr. Williams is enthusiastic about providing affordable, efficient and sustainable health through Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Williams passionately believes in the individual right for optimal health and strives to make a positive impact on the needs of her patients by combining modern medical techniques and the wisdom of nature.  Her vision as a doctor is to design personalized treatment plans to address the ailments’ root cause and support the proper mechanisms needed for optimal healing.

With experience spanning all ages and various ailments Dr. Williams has a holistic view of the primary care needs of her patients. Through focusing in Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Williams brings a wide variety of therapeutics and diagnostic skills together to achieve more gentle, effective, and desirable healing outcomes.

Dr. Williams also focuses in the medical fields of Auto-Immune Disorders, Digestive disorders, Women’s health, Pediatrics, Chronic Disease Management and Educator for all of her patients. During her medical training, she worked closely with a renown Rheumatologist Dr. Paul Howard who utilized both conventional and Naturopathic treatments to bring the best results for patients. She also complemented her training by working with Naturopaths Without Borders in Mexico at numerous pediatric clinics. She is also Adjunct Faculty at The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she teaches Diet and Nutrition Courses.

If Dr. Williams is not at the clinic healing and researching, she will be found reading, hiking, biking, cooking, writing, or enjoying the beautiful coast amongst her close-knit community.

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